New Rider... bike stolen already (London E3)

Hi all,

I recently passed my CBT & have briefly enjoyed some short-lived travels on my black YZF R125. However this morning I discovered its disappearance & am deeply saddened. I have contacted the police & insurance company, as well as registering it on the database. If anyone has any other advise on how to get the message out there I’d be very grateful. I’m aware that realistically she’s long gone, but whatever helps.

Bike theft seems to be so common… why does it happen & what happens to our bikes? Are scrappies buying them? Are the being ferried to other countries? Why is it allowed to happen?!? I didn’t even have time to buy a goddam chain or disc-lock!

Well anyway, hopefully we’ll get this **** sorted out soon & I look forward to meeting some of you at Ace.



Doh! My sympathies.

sorry to hear that, i had mine stolen not long after passing too - and got it back so dont give up hope or let it get you down mate

Not a good start eh. Welcome anyhow.


The same thing happened to me, I had my cg for 2 weeks before it was pinched!

I did get her back and the insurance company were actually great which surprised me but I think she spent more time being away than ridden!

Mind you it spurred me on to do my full test and get something bigger that is less attractive to the local kids!

Hope you get your bike back and get to enjoy her.

Sorry to hear that, the advise here is lock it or lose it …

Even no disk lock, padlock and chain, ground anchor, alarm, garage or whatever can stop a determined thief, if the thieves want it enough the sad fact of life is they’ll have it. My advise on any motorcycle purchase is to first sort out and have in place the the level of security you want.

Sorry to hear your bad news But Welcome To LB

Bummer - Did you not put the handlebar lock on?

Should have got the chain and disk lock first

Not your fault though, the dealer should have let you know…

Bad luck!