new pushbike pics

just a few pics i thought id share

and when a high chair goes to the side its best to step off lol, looks like ive got it but i didnt lol look at my expression

and the after math

what ya reckon?

Top drawer, keep up the good work.


Brilliant pictures, Joe! Damn, great tricks, puts most of us to shame Hope the bike’s okay, hehe.

Nice pics Joe im Guessin you do motocross aswell?

cheers all.

Yup i do lol


thanks… all comments really appreciated, even if you just call me cnut


I love the one where you’re standing on the cross-beam, Joe, that’s mad Keep em coming… So when are you getting a road bike? I presume the RM is for off-road only?

Great picx Joe, you gotta lot of skill and big balls lol

Cheers guys.

Jay was thinking of a road bike, but going to stay mxing for a few more years. then do direct access when i can afford it. Aiming for a f4i/gsxr600 but mainly f4i

nice pics mate you even put those ace cafe stunters to shame

cheers dude…

Id say so aswell they bring bad names on the motorcycling world

i wouldnt say that the boys have got skill

Nice pics mate. Those tricks are madness! I can see a new sparky on the scene! Definately lots of talent there!

Different skills mate! Those guys do it on a motorbike which is much heavier but powered by an engine. The bicycle you have to pedal… Both are very hard and requires loads of training and natural talent! I admire that! Well done!

if the ace cafe stays how it is in a few years time then yourll deffo see my f4i wheelieing past

My 2 pence… Get the Gixxer

yeah i like the gixxer but it seems massive for a 600 (k1k2k3) where as the f4 is slim, whatever comes up when my dream comes into a reality but i prefer the f4i