New Ninja 250 to have 17k redline

Back to the glory days of small capacity, low weight and high output that gave us the zxr400, cbr400 & vfr400 back in the early 90’s.

Does anyone remember when Yamaha brought out an R6 that was claimed to have a 16k rpm redline? It turned out that the rev counters were giving false readings, and at a claimed 16k, the engines were only doing 15k. As it was a main sales point in the USA, many customers returned their R6s for a full refund.

I doubt it’ll come to the UK.

As someone else pointed out to me before, to sell in the EU it’ll need abs, which is bulky and heavy on a bike trying to be small and light.

Knew greater than 500cc had to have and but didn’t realise they had pushed it to greater 125cc.

Explains why the number of Japanese 125s models have gotten so small.

It does have ABS along with TCS. You can see it in the pictures.

ABS stickers on the front mudguard stays would confirm ABS. What is the target market for this pocket rocket? The engine is too big for a Provisional or A1 Licence, it has too much (unrestricted) power for an A2 Licence and why would anyone with an A Licence want one?

You need to broaden your outlook. There’s a huge market for sub-500cc bikes out there in the developing world, particularly Asia. It’s far larger than the big bike leisure market in Europe & the US.

From the article, which you obviously didn’t bother reading…

As we have explained before for our A&R Pro readers, the purpose of the ZX-25R is to fill a role that the Ninja 400 holds, except for in the Asian markets, where the 400cc displacement puts it out of reach on tiered licenses and the insurance is prohibitively expensive.

I read the article to the very end where it left off implying that in some time in the future it could be on sale in the EU and therefore the UK too, which is why I asked the question. Due to the very same reasons A&R give for the Ninja 400 not selling in Asian markets the ZX-25R won’t sell in the EU or UK. I guess A&R know their target readership better than they know motorcycle markets.