New Neighbours

The two houses across our drive are owned by the same Guy and he’s had quite a few tennants living there since we’ve been here which is only 3 yrs. Anyway, he’s recently rented them out again and 2 weeks after the ‘Let’ sign appeared, he’s finally got people moving in. I think its the house nearest to us and not sure if both houses are being filled this weekend and whether they all know each other. Anyway, Dave (gurninman) decided to welcome them into the area in the way he knows best…

…wheels both our bikes out of the Garage and fires them up and leaves the running for 15 minutes. :smiley:

Nice, welcome to your new home, hope you have ear plugs lol :smiley:

Yeh and when they come out to complain about the noise you just shout back:

“Sorry, can’t hear you, got the engine running!”:smiley:

LOL!! That’s what we were thinking about! :smiley:

Be great if it turned out they also rode motorcycles.

We had some bikers living opposite for a couple of years, he had a VTR with racing exhaust and he had to get into work early, so every morning I looked forward to hearing him start it up. Lovely. We were very sad when they moved, about a year ago :frowning:

It’d be great…but we met the bloke earlier and he seems as likely to get on a motorbike as I am likely to run the London Marathon! :smiley:

Just hope they’re still there in the morning then !! (bikes, not the neighbours!)

Lad near me has a big exhaust on his Golf GTI - sounds like an earthquake when he starts it up.

I’ve got a v.loud Beowulf on my Kwak so I can hardly complain. :smiley:

Our other neighbour has a Nissan 200SX, fairly well tuned with a 4" exhaust - and that bad boy is proper loud :slight_smile:

Guy next to me has had a couple of fairly exotic bikes, currently has this:

…Just sounds broken to me :wink:

When one of the flats were up for sale where we own everytime estate agent was showing people round I got my bike out to make some noise to put them off - when it was sold new guy moved in and he was a biker - what a result - then the flat below was for sale and that was also sold to a biker.

That’s the way it should be babe! :smiley:

I’ve had new neighbours move in too. At times it feels like my quiet apartment corridor has turned into a meeting place for eastern European prostitutes.

When I go out to join in, they all suddenly scarper :smiley:

LOL :laugh:

haha, talk about welcome to the hood! I bet they don’t come asking for a cup of sugar, ya meanies :smiley: