New national route: Snowdonia 360

To rival Scotland’s NC500, Wales have created a Snowdonia 360.

Hmmm, North Wales. Is the 350 a reference to the number of speed cameras/police traps on it?


Typical observations …its 360 not 350

350 if you take the racing line

but thank you for spotting my typo

They missed crossing the Barmouth Viaduct.

They probably didn’t bother as they know you lot much prefer to ford watery things.

Looks great, amazed that it’s so many miles to get round Snowdonia.

Tier 3 day trip anybody?

I’m not buying the hype, should be NW360 and its a world apart from the NC500.

As for the mileages you could circumnavigate Snowdon (Llanberis, Caernarvon, Beddgelert, Llanberis) in less than 35 miles or, if you take in Barmouth and Bala circumnavigating Snowdonia National Park you’re still only looking at a little over 100 miles.

Some good roads in there but why stop with North Wales there there are some equally good roads in South Wales and the valleys too, just remember to avoid the M4