New mirrors

always liked the look of the Z1000s mirrors! Got some the other day so it was

off with the old!

and on with the new!!


what do you think?


I like em, much prettier

Much better!

(if you do the whole ‘mirrors’ thing :wink: )

e? :blink:

I’m not saying anything. :Whistling:

veeery nice, really like them :smiley: where they from?

I’m looking for some new mirrors, wonder if they’ll look any good on my 98 hornet… got any full pics of your bike with them on? lol

And get them from a particular site or just the off chance someone selling them as spares?

The new ones look far better. Really makes a huge difference.

they are from a Z1000 and i got them of ebay… (they were a bit hard to find)

here are some pics from the front… when im next at BM you can have a look at them in real life :wink:


Looks wicked, much better than before :smiley:

Hm, yeah I like. Gunna keep an eye out, thanks

make sure you also check for ER-N and Z750 (later ones 08-09) as they are the same mirrors :wink:

z1000 think they had your bike in mind when they made em well mached:D

Seems like it doesnt it? :smiley: