new member

Just saying hi as im a new member … plus i got knock off today hit from behind

hi, hope you are OK, does that image show the accident?

hey mark welcome to LB:)

jeez that your bike yeah? ouch!

hi mark:cool:

welcome to LB:) hope your ok & pray that the car was insured

be cool mate:D

Hi and welcome aboard, good to see your badly hurt by a w*nker cager.

morning and welcome!, sorry to hear about your unfortunate off!

Is that your bike on avatar? Jeezaz man! Welcome to LB.

Hi and Welcome to LB - Hope your bike isn’t a write off and that your OK!!!

Hi there and welcome to LB mate

Sorry to hear about your pride and joy

Hope your ride is sorted soon :frowning:

Welcome aboard :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome

sorry to hear about that hope all is ok.

Hiya and welcome

Bloody hell! Welcome aboard, hope you’re not hurting…

Welcome…Sorry about the ride…Hope the insurance pays out quickly.

yes thats the accident policemen going to work …!

Jeez, sorry to hear about this Mark.

I hope it’s resolved shortly fella.

Welcome fella, hope the damage isn’t too bad…when you say that’s the accident police going to work I hope you don’t mean a copper on the way in rear ended you!