New Lone Rider handlebar bag for BMW R1250 GS

I needed something at the front to keep my passport, tickets, small camera (Ricoh GRIII), credit card, etc. in. I’m always having a bit of a faff for that stuff. Hopefully this should help.

Why not a tank bag? Did try to get one (a nice Givi) but had no end of trouble trying to find the right mount for the tank, gave up in the end and Claire now uses it.

Advantage for this bag is the fuel cap is left available at all times.

where’s the cup holder?


On the crash bars!

You may joke, I would actually like a cup holder.

Ram Mounts make a range of cupholder accessories…could be very useful for hot weather touring.

Sounds like you’re falling for the siren calls of a goldwing…

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Yeah…I do have a Goldwing! No cup holder though.

I have a bottle holder on the tracer for water. Saves wearing a camelbak.

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Superb, cup holders all round.


Who smokes in 2024?

The 250 on a an icy cold start

Like the look of that, almost tempted to get the Temu equivalent (£17.98)