new lid!

Heres some pics of my new lid, im chuffed, its lovely!!!





omg thats quality mate. that is the muts nuts.

can’t go wrong with ogri

isnt it a beauty!?

oooo not half matron

nice one!!

We should get together to do a rave video in our new lids, lol.

yeah you with ya knockers out and me in my yamaha boxers! ha ha, down in frith!

What just lids



Nice work landing the new lid…it looks the business, all right.

And uh…I call dibs on the link to SheWolf’s rave dancing video, eh?

can we wait until summer then, it’ll be a bit cold otherwise, lol


ooh too right, i would have to get me legs out!

Hey nice lid. Did u get that from work?

no from infinity!!! and some snazzy rocket gloves with carbon fibre bits for da spring! yey i feel like spring is on the way!!!

U must have a huge house, cos i dunno where u put all your stuff. You must have like 6 or 7 lids and therest of your gear i wont even hazard a guess.

i have 4 lids, 1 is keopt at work for the vespa, my others are at home, the carbon fibre hardly eva gets worn cos its my best lid, and the other two are so comfy for trips!. i have 5 dainese jackets, but thats a mix of casual, leather and textile. nah i just ram it all in the bedroom! hehe, i really need a garage!!!

Well my point exactly.

Nice one pestie !!

I like it !!

Is this some new definition of mentoring that we were previously unaware of?

The world’s not ready…

Hehe Matt, nicely understated as befits you I think

What were you thinking ? LoL LoL and good to see the art of picture resizing is alive and well ROFL (get free quality batch resizing software here