New LB Keyfobs

We’ve just received an order of rubber LB keyfobs. We’ll have them available tonight I would have thought via the online-shop. They’re perfect for bike-keys!

Here’s a preview:



Probably shouldn’t have used the Dainese logo on them Jay… :slight_smile:

Not bad fella!

Wally! That Dainese one is one I bought years ago!

They look great Jay, can’t wait to see them when you get home… :D:D:D:D:D

Bit of a thread hijack here, but Foxy’s turned traitor on you Jay…

I notice you and I both are advertising the Christmas Party…Foxy’s not…FIRE HER IMMEDIATELY!!!


Jay or Foxy…Can you bring one of those luvverley key fobs to the chrimbo party for me as im not likely to see you before then:D i will also have a little pressie for you both;)

Ta muchly

I like that, i want one.

Mee Too:)

They went down well at the meet tonight!

oh arent they nice! id like one too.

I will try and get a supply to bring to Poppins on Friday at some point…


great save me a trip, give jay a ring, if you cant let me know.

That’s JZ’s Christmas pressie sorted :stuck_out_tongue: