New LAA Donating Page

I’ve created our new Londons Air Ambulance page as the previous one had expired. This will keep running and will be updated in here with all the donations made either direct to this page or direct to the main LAA page.

So far since 2007 to 2013 - I’ve just done a quick total and it’s in excess of £24,200.01 that us LBers have raised alone!!! Well done to everyone involved.

£24k is hugely impressive and something the whole LB community should be proud of. Special thanks goes to GSXRAng though for all her efforts in championing LB’s charity efforts. Thanks Ang!

We’ll have to start planning some new events soon. Supporting the London Air Ambulance has and will always be a very important to us as bikers and helping with fund-raising is the least we can do for all the wonders they have done for unfortunate bikers over the years.

Not trying to be cynical… or at least too much, but, why do these choppers live out of donations and the police have 3 flying around London with tax payers money?

Dunno, probably because pharmaceutical companies pay better bribes than helicopter manufacturers. The NHS budget is only so big after all and in terms of pound for effect the bean counters probably say the money’s better spent elsewhere.

Well done Ang and everyone