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New justgiving page for 2012

We now have a fresh new justgiving page for

Over the last few years we have used the same page but it was outdated and didn’t reflect what was being raised annually. Now Jay isn’t involved I’ve had to register again using my own details but kept the page basically the same just adding more photo’s.

If the members who had the old link in their signatures could change to the new one I’d be grateful :slight_smile: (I will keep my eye on the old page in case anyone uses it to donate, it is still live and will still go to the LAA so don’t worry too much).

I look forward to everyone coming together, having fun through rideouts, trackdays, camping trips and events during the year and being generous with the donations. :slight_smile:

Great timing Ang:) Hopefully we will be using the new page on Sunday as we plan to have a collection for LAA on the Poohsticks rideout:D

Nice one, the rideout collections are usually a big fund raiser over the year and as so many plans are being cooked up I expect a nice little bit of dosh bagged for them. :w00t:

Done :smiley:

nicely done Ang, something which never even crossed my mind.

if you have ideas for fundraising then let me have them and likewise any we come up with we will pass to you.