New-ish rider

Just passed my a2 and managed to get my hands on a lovely little mt03. Been loving it so far but none of my real life friends have bikes so i’m just trying to find my crowd.
Younger guy, south west london based, up for anything!


Welcome Jamie!

Welcome Jamie, I’ve ridden the MT07 and what a great bike.


keep an eye on the rideouts section for a ride, or occasionally people go to the bike shed in london on a Wednesday (but its not so regular now, but people are easily persuaded)

London Ducati are meeting tomorrow at Box Hill at 10, then I think there’s a ride to Brighton.

Hi. None of my local friends ride bikes but you’ll soon meet others that do.

I’ve just this minute arrived back from Dublin after a week away with biking mates I first met almost 30 years ago. We spent a week doing a lap of Ireland - was amazing and thought provoking. And there was a bit of Guinness involved.

It’s all about the trips for me. My first was on an XT350 all the way across Europe. Any bike can do it.


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all Mts are great , use to have 09 Sport Tracker - unfortunately stolen :frowning: -thats a pain in London :)))

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Damn, what a shame, that bike looked great!