New hoops

Where’s a good place to get new rubber fitted. I work in NW1. Normally get them done at my local dealer but they seem to want to charge an arm and a leg these days. I want someone that’ll be careful and at a reasonable price. Anyone used ‘Essential Rubber’

Essential Rubber - end of thread.


+1 - In so many ways !

Hmmmm. It’ll be Essential Rubber then:cool: I’ll go see 'em next week.

Thank you for that. Appreciate it.

Mention LB for your discount!

And make sure you have your witty comebacks ready :smiley:

Right then. Finally got around to sorting my tyres. Essential rubber provided me with a pair of Dunlop Roadsmarts. Really good price and discount because I’m part of LB:)

They were friendly and very helpful … I did get told off for driving on and parking on the sidewalk … naaa! I mean pavement.

They’ll be getting more of my business and I’ll definitely recommend them to my posse:D