New high-mount phone setup for BMW R1250GS

Used to mount the phone onto a Quad Lock with wireless charging and anti-vibration base down under the screen, but this was too low, needing me to take my eyes off the road for too long.

Found a bar for about £15 on eBay that mounts where the OEM satnav cradle goes and allows a Quad Lock 12mm mount to be used with the existing gear.

Much improved setup! Now super easy to see the phone and the road at pretty much the same time!

Had to take the screen and a fairing off to get access to the necessary bolt holes, but this was super easy with the screen only requiring two bolts and four for the fairing, all easily accessible. Ducati could learn a think or two about maintainability from BMW!


My tomtom on my XR
Now use my Iphone with the tom tom app on my XR
works fine, so far