new here so hey, what's up and what you drinking?

Mine’s a guiness, followed by a nice bottle of shiraz.

I’m from London, live in the Bush, which is a fantastic place to have your ped nicked.

Highsided an R1 at Cadwell last year and have just px’ed my KTM Duke for an 06 R6-possibly the worst London bike imaginable.

In fact I only bought it cos it looked pretty in black and winked at me.

So thats me and I hope to see y’all around

welcome to the site…

Hey nadsta, welcome to LB! I’ve crashed at Cadwell as well, so you’re not alone there, oh and Bike2Travel has also crashed there (on the same day as me, the copy-cat). The new R6 looks fab in black, look forward to seeing it, and you at our Cubana meet one Wednesday evening! Details in General Chat Forum.

Good morning Nadsta welcome to LB mate

SmacK poke poke with the newbie crutches

as Barro put it once

Oi newbie you’re buying…

so can i have a good cup of tea to go with my brekkies please!!

and oh yeah…

poke poke with the newbie stick

welcome to LB

Welcome to LB - at least Andrea will have yet another R6 buddy!

See ya out and about on a ride sometime.

hi there and welcome.