new here and searching for wisdom

Hiya guys and gals,

Little bout me … I’m 34, living in souf London, going pretty well battling with traffic and a commute that feels like I am navigating the Monopoly board (includes crossing the river, then through Knightsbridge and Hyde Park Corner, Park Lane, Marble Arch and up to Hampstead)… and my scooter is dying :frowning:

Hope ya don’t mind me launching in with a question on my first post :slight_smile:

I’m pretty new to the 2-wheel world, but loving it so far. I did my CBT back in May on a scooter and was advised by my instructor that perhaps I should consider getting a motorbike 'stead of a scoot. Something about the way I cornered and generally handled it, plus his opinion on my daily commute.

Turns out I ignored all he said, bought a 50cc ET2 that was pretty battered for £600 (i figured I’d have less problems with security if it was the most scratched bike in the bay, plus if I didn’t gather confidence and skill quickly then it wasn’t a huge loss to bare). It’s been as easy as pie gaining my confidence on the scooter but everytime I see someone on a sports bike my heart skips a beat and I fall a little further in love (generally with the bike rather than the rider).

Now this is where my dilemma comes in … this week my bike started stalling and odds are that there’s something pretty wrong with the gasket. Money is pretty damn tight at the moment.

(a) do i fork out almost as much as I paid for the bike to get the repair done? and continue to gaze lustfully as the bikes fly past me until i save up enough to actually buy one/do my direct access.
(b) do i try and sell it for as much as i can possibly get for it, and hope it doesn’t stall when anyone test rides it … and pass the problem on (could I sleep straight at night?)
© do i buy a second hand sports bike (125), but then potentially take on the risk of another lemon? and also pretty soon wish i held out for a bigger bike?
(d) do i continue to ride my scoot until it dies (hopefully not in the middle of Park Lane on a busy peak hour rush), then limp back to public transport until i can save up for a big bike?

Thanks for persevering to the end of my post :slight_smile:

Any opinions gratefully received.

A x

welcome here, my suggestions

a and c


Hi and welcome aboard.

Hi and welcome:)save your money sell the bike and take your full test save up to get your self a bigger bike:D

Hi and welcome aboard. :slight_smile:

If you can scrape together the cash the nI reckon you should go for your full test as soon as. If you can’t afford it yet then why not go with your heart and get an aprilia 125 for the short term? It will give you a feel for a sports bike riding position, which you may find is not entirely ideal for a long commute in town;) At the very least you’ll have (a bit) more power to play with and it’ll be good practice for when you start your training on a bigger bike.

hello and welcome, do the direct access and go larger :smiley:

Welcome - agree with getting the cash together for direct access and getting a bigger bike.

Hello and welcome to LB:D Got to agree with the others,do the whole thing and get on a bike,you’'ll love it and enjoy the addiction!!!

Hi Audrey. Welcome to LB.

Depending on repair costs I’d keep the scooter going and save some pennies towards a full DAS. If your heart skips a beat just looking at a Sports Bike, it’ll be doing a disco beat when you have a full license and sat astride your own beast! :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome.

Don’t forget that there’s always the option of getting a bigger scooter (which won’t get you any street cred, but which may be the best thing for a commute through town).

Basically, a 50cc anything is too small to be safe in traffic, imho, so it’s no wonder you fancy something a little meatier. Just remember there are plenty of choices on the spectrum between 50cc scoot and DAS-plus-full-on-sportsbike.

Of course, I’m saying this because I love my medium-sized scooter and think it’s perfect, so be aware of the bias in my opinions.

Thanks everyone for your comments … I have now decided on my next step.

I’m going to get quotes on the repair, and as long as it’s not stupid-expensive then I’m likely to keep myself on the road on this machine until next summer and by then I’ll be ready to DAS it.

I’m not going to be able to get a 125 bike for similar to the repair costs, so I’ll save the difference towards the real deal.

In the meantime, if any of you spot a damsel in distress kicking a banged out vespa and cursing on the side of the road, feel free to stop, or at least give me a nod, or a blast on your horn which I’ll interpret as a sign of support (rather than your frustration at me having caused a bank of traffic to slow to a stop whilst I was pushing my bike to safety).

Cheers x

welcome to LB

Just park it up and hop onto the back o’ my bike Audrey! :smiley:


You came here searching for wisdom?

You’d have a better chance of filling your kettle on the moon.

There’s a thought, pop the kettle on pet. :wink:

Aww that’s not very nice, implying all these nice people here are as thick as pig sht.

oh, and re: a nice cup of tea, I’ll be home late from work, so if you just flick the switch on the kettle, I’ll take over from there when I get in … like this ->

Welcome. Think youll find that theres loads of good people out there on two wheels that will stop and help out if youre in need. :slight_smile:

Have fun :wink:

Hello audrey and welcome to LB :smiley:

Welcome to LB 0

welcome to LB:)