New helmet - Xlite X602 lid

Well after 7 years of sterling service from my Shoei Z-1 James Haydon rep I’ve bitten the bullet and bought a new lid.

Xlite are one of the many smaller brands who have become much more ‘acceptable’ in recent years and are making serious inroads into the Shoei/Arai market especially for those who can’t afford £400+ for a mid or top level lid from the big two. That’ll be me then :frowning:

So after some discussion in Welling’s Hein Gericke with the helpful Steve, I settled on a red and white X602 which feels and smells great. Completely removable lining, chin guard, D rings strap, visor with their version of pinlock and both a slightly open system and a locking mechanism to keep the visor shut at high speed - something that the Shoei constantly failed on when looking over my shoulder at speed (joining a motorway for example).

The black visor is ordered and I’m looking forward to getting out there and seeing how it cuts through the flies! There’ll be a review of it done shortly (say a month or so) and I’m pleased that I’ve been coaxed out of the blinkered big two helmet options.

Good choice, I got an X-Lite X701 from Hein Gericke in Luton. Brilliant service from Charlie and Tim, tried on every make that they had in stock and the best fit was the X-Lite. They really made a point of making sure the helmet I bought actually fit properly.

Is that the ‘&7’?