New Helmet - Bought At Bike Show :D

My sparkly new Shoei Raid II Lance :smiley:

T’was a birthday present from my better half :smiley:

Very nice indeed :cool:

Bought myself a nice new Shoei Hornet DS at the show yesterday for a most excellent price.

Aye - I got about £90 off the retail price so veeeeeeery pleased :smiley:

Excellent! I’ve had two Raid IIs… very comfy, and not too noisy on the motorway. :slight_smile:

Nice lid. They were also selling the red/blue RX7 for £220!



No they weren’t you liar!! it was £299.


wat u do is ask to see a cheap 1 in ur size, say how much, haggle, get it even cheaper, then ask another salesman to take it back n get u the expensive 1 to try, say il take it, go back to the 1st salesman, ‘ok i got it in my bag here’ so £80 we agreed on ye? :D…its not stealing its creative honesty :stuck_out_tongue:

oo and also, sweeet lid stevie :w00t:

Cheers Mr.Mo - just joined the LB group you started on bikerbook as well :slight_smile:

and after much debating i have granted you access to the bikerbook group :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

was you mass debating or just flying solo? :smiley:

mass debate, me, myself and I all had view to be taken into account :smiley: