New Helmet advice please

Think of getting a new lid, and advice appreciated

Currently have an AGV AirTec but the wind noise is terrible.

Was considering as replacement

Schuberth S1

Good reviews particularly around noise – if not shape or weight, but reports of high frequency wind noise from top vent???

Shoei RX1000

Seems to receive praise from all corners, tried it on yesterday and fitted like a glove, however, was told yesterday by shop that’s its noisy.

Shoei Raid 11

Appears to be good middle of road options and was recommended by shop

Any comments appreciated, particularly if you have had more than one of the above or previously owned an AirTec

Can’t really give advice, but can give my opinion… :wink:

I have the Shoei XR1000 and I’m very happy with it. It is very comfortable and has pretty good ventilation. It’s the only helmet I’ve had so don’t have anything to compare the noise levels with, but it hasn’t been a problem around town. If I head out for a ride then I just stick in some earplugs.

I have no problem recommending the XR1000! :slight_smile:

My only advice is to try them all on, doesn’t matter what the spec or reviews say if they don’t fit properly.

Generalising a bit each manufacturer has a shell shape and they vary, so I fit perfectly in an HJC but can’t in an Arai or Shoei, so no matter how good they are they’re not for me.

Motorcycle magazines say similar to the above. It’s most important to get one that fits and different manufacturers are different shapes. You may have an Arai head or a Shoei head. Some people buy the same brand always because that’s the one that fits.

As I understand it (and someone can correct me if I’m wrong) they all need to achieve a minimum safety standard to be sold. Thus more expensive lids are more comfortable, quieter and look nice but are not necessarily safer.

I have always used Shoei, they fit me well and are very comfortable.

I have a raid II, it fits it’s comfortable and you can et some fantastic deals (under £200 for a graphic design) Also it has the pinlock as standard which is absolutly fantastic

Fubles - how do u find it for wind noise???

Also checked your link for 650F forum - brillant, did’nt know it existed - I have one to:D

Try everything on, and go with what fits best, get some advice from a good shop, someone who knows what they’re talking about…

wind noise? ear plugs

I’ve got a set of these worth every penny…

I love my Raid II, I don’t really notice any wind noise as I wear either plugs or earphones most of the time. it’s comfy is where I got mine