New guy

Hi everybody ,just found this site and joined up
I ride a 2002 Africa Twin and one of our guys at the XRV750 site posted a link to this site.
Since i believe us bikers should stick together cause there seem to be a lot of people out there to get us i just thought i say hi!
I dont believe in all this splitting up in groups (Racers/supermoto/Offroad/touring…) we are all bikers and should stick together.
Just want to enjoy riding a bike and talking to others wich feel the same

Hi ya,

And welcome to LB.


Thanks aj
still struggling to work everything out on here,things are so different,do you have a spell check on here? cause my english is cr…

i wouldna worry about it - was it Macp that introduced you?

Hey Lord Vader (love the username!), welcome to LB! It’s possible I saw you last night at Chelsea Bridge if you were there. There were a few 'twin owners present where I parked up, near the bus-shelter. Anyhow, welcome and feel free to post up a picture of your bike in the Pictures & Video forum so that we can recognise you!

Hope to see you at the Cubana/Waterloo meet one Wednesday evening!

Welcome to the creme de la creme of mix and match bikes’s forum, no one here would really care what bike you ride, cause as you rightly pointed out: we are all here to enjoy riding and abusing them so… welcome and enjoy.

Welcome Lord! lol

I posted something on the XRV forum and it seems to be bearing fruit! Will try and encourage some peeps down on Wednesday night too!

Hello LV glad you made. Will you be using your XRV avatar?

Hi and welcome Lord Vader

Lord Vader… Welcome to the Darkside…

welcome to LB

Oi, I care! I only tollerate mountain bikes 'cos I have to.

Welcome Lord Vader the rebel scum are all but defeated!! Oh and I’ve plumped up your pillows and made the Death Star nice and comfy for you.

Welcome Lord Vader, enjoy, have fun and most of all…mine’s a pint!

We could have a disturbance in the 4-stroke, as Toby-1-kenoby faces his arch enemy…