New girl - SW

Hi everyone,

I’m a new rider from Balham/Streatham area. I did my CBT in April after moving back to London in February and sold my car.

Had been driving for 11 years and loving the switch to two wheels so far. I ride a Honda SH mode 125 scooter. And it’s actually my second bike since April. The first I had was a cheap, old one with so much wrong with it so I returned it and got something decent, new and safer to ride instead.

Anyway, wanted to say hi to you all. I don’t know many other bikers here being a newbie in every sense of the word so I’m looking forward to reading and hopefully learning from your experiences and getting some good tips on safe riding around the city.


That’s a shame. Welcome!

Lol! One day Ill grow up to be a REAL biker!


Welcome! I’m getting my first 125 soon aswell as turnin 17 soon! But I’m getting a manual :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the forum scooter girl…

Welcome Butterfly wotsit

Don’t mind the Crookzy1, he’s third in line with the Wild Wild West London 125 Mahoosive :wink:

If he gets too far out of hand put him across your knee

Welcome! I live in Streatham, I ride a bike though, not scooter.

Get a bike so we can go on little South West 125 exploratory adventures!

Welcome, as you may have noticed, not everyone on here is completely sane :crazy:

he might like it :wink:

welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Welcome! learn to ride! You can transfer skills to a proper bike later…Just don’t read advice- come out & play- it’s the only way to learn.

Most of the LB ers on here don’t bite (too hard)

Welcome to LB…!!!

Welcome! 2 wheels is 2 wheels right? DangerousB nailed it. Come out and meet everyone. They’re a good bunch.

Welcome to the mad house !

Hey and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Hey welcome! Any pics?

Feel free to include pics of bike to! :stuck_out_tongue:

You old dark horse you

Haha. Thanks everyone. Definitely want to get a manual bike eventually. I’ll do a gear conversion course as they only had automatics available at the time of my CBT.

Think I’m the one of the most overdressed scooter riders I’ve seen on the roads so far. Everyone else is in shirts, tshirts and brain catchers.

Ask Lozza to take you to a car park for a few hours, you’ll be golden and the only thing you have to pay is two lunches :slight_smile:

Yep ha i’ve taught my husband the riding basics in a nearby lidl carpark, i’d be happy to help. :smiley: