New gear time!

Both @pricetta and my bike gear was getting a bit long in the tooth or wasn’t up to the job being asked of it so we’ve indulged a bit this weekend. Went to Infinity Motorcycles Clearance Warehouse and picked up some new bits and then I went to Get Geared’s shop in Leatherhead today for some remaining bits:

For @pricetta:

  • AlpinestarsTech Touring Drystar two piece outfit

For me:

  • Dainese D-Air GoreTex airbag jacket (w/built in back protector)
  • RST leather trousers
  • Alpinestars SMX-6 V2 Drystar boots
  • Rev’It Sand 3 summer gloves

It’s super unusual to be plugging in the jacket to charge the airbag system but after seeing all the airbag systems in use in MotoGP and how they’ve been protecting the riders I thought now was the time to get onboard the tech gear train. Plus the jacket feels super premium and looks the part (according to @pricetta).

Leather trousers are super comfortable, same for the gloves, which are a vast improvement protection wise over my Dainese gardening gloves.

Boots were much needed, my previous Alpinestars had holes in and were in a very sorry state after about ten years of use. I doubt the Gore-Tex worked anymore. The new boots are super comfortable and truck looking for touring-focused boots I think.

Was really impressed with the clearance store, tempted to go back for a conventional helmet at some point.


Oh and already plugged it in to the laptop and performed a firmware update on it. Firmware updating a jacket… who’d have thought? :slight_smile:

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It’ll be far worse when you fail to charge the battery and can’t go riding.

Aye. Though the new bike-gear wardrobe will have a charger in it for the jacket and the helmet intercom. In an emergency I could charge it on the go using the bike’s USB socket.

Nice selection there. How come you went with leather trousers instead of the matching ones?

Need you ask?

Where is this said infinity clearance warehouse?

@Vaughny the leather trousers are for general scratching around. For touring I already have a pair of Dainese textile trousers I’ll zip onto the new jacket.

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Was just thinking if you rode in all weathers. I can see why you’d have leathers with the new bike. :wink:

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Pricetta seems to have a thing for white judging by the other gear she’s selling… brave choice for a motorbike rider in the UK, or you have some good cleaning solutions at home :smiley:

Love the solution with balaclava for trying helmets. Not sure how protective it will be but it’s a small risk anyway given the biker population size.

I think I’d definitely invest in a D-air jacket if I was to buy gear now. Must be a pretty penny given it’s GTX and airbag but sounds like it’s worth it. How long does it take to charge, and if you charge it, how long can you leave it for before needing to charge it again for a ride?

My last three sets have all been Dainese and I really like their gear. Only problem is that once you buy one set, everything else has to be Dainese to mix and match the gear with the same zip. And they are not the cheapest brand out there (but in my view have the best looking jackets)

Haha, I’ve fallen down that hole. Every time I go to replace something I think, ah I may as well pay a little more so it will be compatible and zip together.

Dainese do sell the connecting Optilon zips for £80, which would allow you to sew them into any other brand. Of course, you don’t have to pay Dainese that price, once you are willing to go to the trouble to pay someone (or DIY it), it’s not difficult to buy an Optilon zip. £2.30 on the 'Bay.

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She has a black Dainese textile outfit already so she’ll use that most of the time in the UK and keep the Alpinestars for Sunday best, i.e. touring. It should stay relatively clean. We try not to go touring when it’s bad weather (try being the operative word, sometimes you get caught out despite best endeavours!).

The D-Air jacket was £850 after discount (think it was £1100 originally). It’s the most I’ve spent on a jacket but I’m self-employed so can’t put enough value on safety really. A broken collarbone is worth a hell of a lot more in down time to me than the cost of the jacket so it’s a no brainer really now the technology is getting better.

It takes four hours to fully charge from flat. It’s supposed to last for about two or three days of riding and goes into standby mode when not used, I can’t remember how long it lasts sorry, but I’ll leave it on charge when not using it so it shouldn’t be a problem.

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If anyone needs any alterations like zips being installed, they should check out @WASP’s tailoring service. She does an amazing job and has looked after countless LB’ers over the years.

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I thought she stopped doing that.

Oh, has she? I didn’t know. Ignore me then.

Thanks @Jay, useful to know all of this. Next jacket purchase is a while out.

Yes it’s a lot but I think it’s worth it. Whilst a broken collarbone isn’t the end of the world for me (been there, done that, got the metal), doing something to the spine would be. I still have to teach little one how to ride amongst other things

Now where’s my armour for when I try to tell my missus that I’m going to be doing that…

Nice life goals :slight_smile:


Is it that good there? I’m in desperate need of a new jacket, as much as I do love mine it has definitely seen better days and needs to be replaced.

Might take a wonder down there this weekend.

Yes, it’s huge and there’s loads of stock. The manager is very helpful too. I would speak to him, not the other staff.