New full system exhaust for the DRZ

The DRZ had an offensively loud exhaust. It was also rusted to hell. To fix both these ills, and after feeling good about the last eBay exhaust purchase for the GS, I went and got another eBay exhaust - a full system “Akrapovic” exhaust for about £170. Bargain.

Somehow, the old exhaust came off without any rounding or seized bolts and the new one went on okay, after a little head-scratching at times as the new exhaust did not come with instructions.

The exhaust seems to work well on a test run, and even comes with a baffle to keep it super quiet for green laning and MOT tests.

The only slight niggle is the old exhaust was mounted with a non standard bolt and I think I’ve rounded it a bit when putting it back in as it’s a tad too long. I’ve ordered the correct OEM replacement as I’m not 100% certain the header is properly mates to the engine (it doesn’t blow, but still) but am expecting to have to drill out the old one. Grr.


Installed, sans bodywork.

Good to go!

Oh, need to fit the leg guard but that’s stuck on to the old exhaust. Need to drill out some old screws on that too :slight_smile:

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That’s one of the cleanest I’ve seen. How many rounded screw heads are you encountering? It might be worth checking the condition of your sockets, spanners, Allens etc for a good tight fit and replacing any that are worn, despite some manufacturer’s claims tools do not last a life time, especially in the hands of the home mechanic :wink:

I rarely round stuff now I’ve built up a collection of decent tools and a healthy respect for torque settings :slight_smile: This is a case of a previous owner replacing the OEM exhaust header bolt with something non-standard that is a bit too long, so you’re at risk of over-torquing it. I’ll put it back to OEM.

Heh, thanks, though from a distance I would agree it looks okay, though up close, it’s another story. It’s lived a hard life off-road. Part of me is tempted to do a complete strip and rebuild renovation on it one day. The suspension badly needs some TLC. The rear shock is a mess.

Why does your bike look so much better than @Boris’?

because its clean

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