New friends..

Thanks very much vern!!! As soon as my rota allow me I will ask someone to land me his pillion… really appreciate. .

If you bring pastries to either Borough market or the Ace then I’m sure someone will say hello and introduce to everyone :smiley:

Not a problem! Once you’ve sorted your rota, find this thread again and I’m sure there will be something going on you can get a lift to!

I haven’t got a pillion seat; but there’s always room on my lap and/or face.

^^ And she was never heard from again! ^^

Welcome, J3n!

I will totally resist the urge to correlate IP addresses :wink:

After riding for two weeks in Italy, through Rome etc, London really is quite mellow :smiley:

Welcome J3n!

Borough Market, every Wednesday. There will be plenty of free pillion seats :wink:

So no cakes? :frowning:

Hi J3n, looks like I`ve been nominated as your pillion ride.

I am married to a gorgeous english girl who feels Italians are lightweigts and no threat to our mogo.

However she says , should you wish to ride pillion and give a litttle thanks when the ride was over, it would be not a problem.

I am forever yours, gorgeous.

Been at the vino again Mr Jet? And Tom? :doze: (don’t forget I’ve got your oil hun).

I’ll do it :wink:

I just need time… as soon I came back home I’ll take my elmet and equipment… don’t worry I’ll be one lb soon…

For u a special one… don’t be afraid…

If she doesn’t mind, you gonna be the first I’ll ask for

Well very sorry and all that but it turns out that she does mind after all, so the Jetstream offer is now cancelled. We are sure you’ll have no problem finding someone else.



pmsl…Mr Jet given a good slap by Mrs Jet :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh dear god she is a pastry chef too!!! I love pies!!!

OK so a little about me. I am fat, balding, married and a crap motorbike rider. Tempted? I’ll await your PM.

Thanks guys for all of your offers… as soon as I get ready I’ll let u know