New friends..

I’m a 23 italian girl… I’m looking to buy a motorbike, but honestly, I don’t have any idea about how is it in london… at the moment would be nice find a company that can carry me like a package on the seat… till I don’t get some tricks and tips to how ride on London’s in and out roads… and I can give you bacm some company. . I’m good also with barbecues… :heart: what do you think about my ideas!? Comments and ideas welcome

My dream motorbike gonna be a cbr or r1… but for the moment ill look for a hornet of a fazer or some naked like those. .

I expect this could be the most popular thread on LB ever…

The Ducati Monster 696 is a great first bike, its got plant of punch and sounds great with Termi cans - My wife has one. You can get one from Ducati aylesbury, they are really nice guys.

Come down to newbie night on the first monday of the month, or pop down to BM this Wednesday.

I suspect it is a windup looking to out the “groomers” on LB. My money’s on Mr Jet :smiley:

LOL, very good:D, I think you’re right.


Ciao J3n, benvenuta su Londonbikers :wink:

I had the Monster 696 and I can definitely vouch for it! Like Rixxy said great first bike!

Ci si vede in giro, ciaoooo! :slight_smile:


That’s outrageous!!!:pinch: Not us.

I bet Rioting Rob’s spidey sense is going crazy!!

If this is legit then you really can’t go wrong with Rixxy’s recommendation. Also get down to newbie night, meet some of the gang and I’m sure there will be one or two offers of a pillion!! :wink:


Does Tuggs need a new rucksack? :stuck_out_tongue:

lol brilliant!

Could be Blade as he’s bored in hospital.

got to be a leg pull. otherwise all the bikers in brown macs will be along soon.

I’ve got a brown mac.

Where can I get a brown mac
I have lost my rubber gloves but don’t think I need them

Pin you could always borrow eezie’s!

But the question,is it Xl size!:smiley:

The lower half is XL

One does not simply have a duplicate account to wind people up and mess with them. One is enough for that.


Hi blade
Nice to see you are keep your sense of humour
When you down the Ace again

Anyway guys… I think that we had some misunderstanding… I’m not asking suggestion for motorbikes, I’ve clear ideas and I already know how drive and keep a motorbike, even if is 2 years that I don’t touch one… I’m not afraid to break a nail doing a routine set up… I’m only asking to be part of a group… I usually go out with other 12 bikers we usually go in mountain or to the lake… but here in london I don’t know where should I go and anyway I’m a bit scared of the trafic… at the moment I’m looking for a free space on a biker seat…

Ps I’m working as pastry chef, so it’s hard to get weekends off…

I think it might be a little intimidating for you to just turn up to the Ace or the tea-hut alone so here’s a couple of options. Either just turn up to Borough market (if you are in central London!) on a Wednesday evening, a big group meet there under the arches so just approach the least scary looking and I’m sure they will introduce you around. OR post a suitable meeting point near where you live and maybe you can get a pillion to the Ace cafe for newbie night which is the first Monday of every month. ALSO it’s bike night at the Ace every Friday night and a (very!) few LB’ers usually make that, good place to look at bikes and if you arrange it I’m sure someone will meet you beforehand! The most important part is to make that initial introduction, once that’s done you’ll find we are all approachable and I’m sure you will be inundated with PILLION offers.