New Forums At Last!

Welcome to the new forums everyone! They’ve been a long time in the making, but I’m sure you’ll agree, they’re a lot better than the old ones, once you’ve spent some time looking around.

We’ve got a new logo to go with the new forums, and have made a few improvements around the rest of the site as well.

Please be aware though that we’re still making changes to the forums to improve the layout and add a couple of things here and there, so don’t worry if things change in front of you, you’re not going mad! We thought we’d launch with these changes still in progress as I know many of you are addicted to LB and need your fix :smiley:

New Features:

There’s more new features than you can shake a stick at, but essentially the forums should be easier to navigate, we have polls, now have their own calendar we’ll be filling soon, you can put in your birthdays so others can see when to spoil you perhaps, Mac/Firefox users get Emoticons, there’s better support for big image uploads, a better PM system, new sub-forums (coming v soon), etc…

New Logo:

We’ve got a new logo that builds on our prior one, this one works better on both the web and when we get it onto stickers and clothing. Hopefully it’s not too different for everyone, but we needed something a bit more professional I think!


If you come across any problems with the new site/forums, then there’s an email link at the very top of each page, hit this up and tell us what’s going on. We expect a few little things here and there…

It’d be really cool if you put in your birthdays so the site can let others know, you never know, you might get a present! To do this, you go to the Personal Details page via your Control Panel, as seen below:



looking good jay.

like the logo :slight_smile:

Wow …now this looks superb…:)Well Done that Man !!!:smiley:

As always Jay…Well Done!! :smiley:

Yay - it’s back :smiley: and looking good, if scarily unfamiliar - sure it won’t take long to find everything again :slight_smile:

Well done :kiss:

Well done Jay, it looks fab!

WOW Jay looking good.:cool:

Looking good Mate!

Two incoming. :wink: But overall a huge improvement in usability than before for those used to most other forum software. :slight_smile:

Good stuff Jay, looks great, like the logo too!

Cheers! Looks like I’ll be implementing improvements over the next few days, but for now, I need a ride!! Keep the feedback coming, it’s all useful!

Looking good :smiley:

:smooooth: :smiley: nice work sah

Looking good m8.:cool:

Thanks Jay

looking good jay, dont forget my pics waiting, got more to upload but just need to do some editing first

well done

Nice one dooode !

just 1 thing m8, not a complaint.

I did like the recent topics bit when it had the option for last 12 hrs. can we have it back?

Quality work, Jay.

The new logo looks the business too. I think it captures the essence of “London Bikers” far more effectively than the old logo.

Well done…

most excellent well done chap