New Ducati for PJ




Thats pretty cool

i think that would be a great looking bike in the flesh :slight_smile:

that looks bad boy !!

very nice looks, but she must turn like a pig!

Mmmmm interesting V-Rod styling. Oh well it can go in the garage next to the Hypermotard, Street, 1098 and Desmo hahahaha :wink: Gotta love Ducati’s eh

that thing is an abomination. A crime against all that is good.

If you want something that goes round corners, buy a Ducati. If you must look a total twat, buy a Harley.

Yeah, you should manage to get one of them to work at any one time;):smiley:

Hi,this one is much nicer :slight_smile:



Nice find CJ that looks awesome.

thats the roland sands custom :wink:

That Ducati “custom” at the top I think its such a fake because first of all it’s got upside down forks, wouldn’t that totally wear out the seals in a very short time at that angle, also there is a gap at the bottom of the tank and the seat which looks like it would “Pinch” our privates…Or if thats for real, as far as I’m concerned they’ve lost the plot altogether.

Oh dear can someone point out photoshop to Max please:P