New driving plate classification


In Ireland “N” or “Novice” plates are compulsory for the first two years after you pass your test. Tough one that, just passed and have to drive around with Novice on your car or bike. That won’t impress the ladies.

And in Northern Ireland they have compulsory “R” plates for new drivers, although that is only for the first year after passing the test. But it also means they are “Restricted” to a 45 mph maximum speed on any road.

Whilst you do not have to show an R-plate in Great Britain, apparently the same restrictions apply for life to 4x4 drivers.

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Not quite, for 4x4 drivers it is 45 mph only regardless of limits or other factors.

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I fully agree me_groovy, what really does my nut is that over 90% of idiots on the road don’t indicate so one has to be a mind reader. Tried to get highways to put sensible message on there signs USE YOUR INDICATORS but no chance, I am all for the T plate.

I would love to get some of these made up. Slap them on the cars as you go passed.