New commuter bike ideas

It looks like my XJ6 Diversion may be on its last legs so i’m on the lookout for a new commuter bike.
I’ve had the XJ6 since i passed my test in 2010 and apart from the ER5 that i learned on and an NC750 that i had as a courtesy bike for a few months, it’s the only ‘big bike’ that i’ve spent any time riding.

I’m at a bit of a loss what to go for next, it will be used mostly for year round commuting so 25 miles or so each way up the A3 and then through town but occasionally a bit of m25 bashing to head office.
I am site based so generally parking on the street.

Things i would like:

  • 600cc+
  • nothing that will attract the scrotes, work sites can be anywhere and i really don’t want to come back to an empty space at the end of the day.
  • reliable
  • good for filtering through town
  • maybe something a bit more ‘interesting’ to ride than the xj6. I don’t need it but it might put a smile on my face to have something a bit fun.
  • a bit of weather protection, current bike is half faired.
  • easy maintenance, i’m happy enough adjusting the chain and doing oil, filters etc but in the depths of winter i can think of things i’d rather be doing after a long day. Should i consider belt/shaft drive?
  • needs to be ULEZ compliant
  • not to worried about aesthetics, it’s going to get scuffed in london bike bays anyway and i’m resigned to that.

I guess i should be looking at the usual suspects:
Er6, xj6, sv650 etc

The less logical part of my brain is eying up a cbr600f and a street triple just because i’ve always like the street triple and i’m tempted by something a bit more sporty.

Any tips from the LB hive mind gratefully accepted.the

Street triple would go missing.

CBR600F is an excellent option. Personally, I’d be looking at a BMW F800ST.

Nick’s NC750X is a good call ticking nearly all of your boxes. Or if your looking for “something a little more sporty” (than the Deauville) but just as unattractive to the scrotes, you may want to look at some 2010 to 2015 1,000 cc sports tourers such as Honda’s CBF1000, Kawasaki Z1000SX, Suzuki’s GSF1250 or Yamaha’s FZ1. Note panniers on a 1,000 cc sports tourer will seriously restrict the amount of filtering you can do in London traffic.

Your dilemma is compromising between the 50+ & 100+ bhp performance and the 70+ & 50+ mpg fuel economy. For my two penn’orth the fuel economy could be the deciding factor.

quite interesting discussion.
do any newer bikes fit the 600cc + un/less likely to be stolen criteria?

I did have an NC750x (or maybe it was the old 700 version) for a few months as a courtesy bike and I didn’t really get on with it. Maybe i just needed to get used to the flat, low revving engine but it felt pretty uninspiring and the handlebars/mirrors seemed to be at just the wrong height for filtering between wing mirrors. I guess it’s the head/heart conundrum - I don’t need 100bhp and the better fuel economy is money in my pocket but I keep finding myself coming back to something a bit more interesting.

I am very unconcerned about my current bike getting stolen - it has 80,000+ miles and a few chips/cracks in the plastics. It’s always going to be parked next to a nicer target for thieves.

I’m only looking 2012 onward for the next bike so nothing too new and shiny, I’m hoping a slightly scuffed looking CBR600F will appear in my searches as it will knock a few quid off the price, make me less worried about it getting scratched by scooterists while parked and hopefully make it a bit less of a theft target.

I’m amazed how little some of these bikes have been ridden - plenty of them are seeing around 1000 miles per year or less.

Hi monkimark,
I have got a Kawasaki ER6F C9F (the later model with the digital dash) that I bought a year ago for exactly the same purpose, mostly down the A3 to Guildford and Woking. I now work from home so it’s for sale if you are interested.

It’s a 2009 with 12,900 miles 12 months MOT and very recently fully serviced. It has an MRA windscreen, Givi monokey rack, radiator guard, new stainless exhaust and YSS rear shock. I think I have put less than 500 miles on it in a year so it should go.
Oh yes, it also comes with a brand new unfitted DID chain and sprocket kit - not yet required.

I will be looking for £2,600 in March but would accept £2,500 from a fellow forum member.
I’m not sure if I’m meant to promote a bike for sale here though!

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It only ticks some of your requirements, but I’ve commuted on this and came back to find it still there & it’s ULEZ compliant (2011)
Plus its plenty fun to ride! Yours for £4K

You’re not helping Nivag… :wink:
I am tempted, probably moving further from sensible than I ought to though.

How do people find unfaired bikes for winter commuting? I’m usually only doing 20 minutes at 50-60mph, but if i have to go to the office I have 30 minutes of M25 (and living next to the M25, chances are I will end up covering some motorway miles). Does a flyscreen do a decent job deflecting the wind?

I’ve got the touring flyscreen for this bike. It makes it comfortable up to 115mph without having to duck further down.

Thanks. I can also do a special LB price should it be of interest to anyone here.

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Having had a ST
Don’t bother they are not cheap to run and have many issues

I’d look at the SV650
So much fun and reliable as well

I’m back on mine while i fix yet more issues with the Honda. Forgot how much fun it can be on it.

I’ve fixed Alfie’s was the fuel pump and lots of water that caused the issue

Just going to do bits on it over the summer and get the fairing resprayed