New Chain and Sprockets

Well, since the bikeshop that was going to supply and fit a new blinging gold chain and Renthol sprockets forgot to order them, I’ve taken the plunge and ordered them myself - at some saving I might add - from

DID was my preferred choice but settled for Tsubaki X-ring instead and got the lot for £112 inc postage.

Now the fun starts.

I guess I’ll need a chainsplitter for starters - Gareth yours has gone now yes?

But will I get away without a torque wrench?

And despite it looking like an easy job, is it? (remember I’ve got office-worker hands that don’t always do my bidding)

Trouble is I’m away tomorrow until next Wed night, then off to the 'ring on the bank hol Monday. So not a lot of time to get the work done elsewhere.

I know I’ve two bikes, but don’t really want to strap luggage all over the 675, nor do I want to flatten off the Supercorsas.

Advice please!

You don’t need a torque wrench although it would be handy. Suggest you try and get an angle grinder as well as the chain splitter/riveter, its easier to cut the top off a rivet to break the current chain with and angle grinder and saves precious time. The sparks flying out look good as well. Takes about 15 mins to half hour to change the chain depending on how quick you are. If you are not changing the front sprocket, when you have split the old chain, tie the new one to it and pull it through with the old one. Suggest use of a paddock stand or abus stand, makes life way easier.

Angle Grinder? We’re not talking precision instruments here then ? Hehe

Mmm well I’ll see if I can scrounge / hire one from somewhere.

Yeah, both sprockets are getting changed - better safe than sorry I feel, and paddock stands are going to be deployed.

Cheers Chuffster, soz i didn’t make it down last night as it’s been a while…

You should’nt have any probs with it Andrew, i’m a complete mechanical novice and i managed it. I would advise getting a torque wrench to be on the safe side though

No worries mate, rear sprocket is easy, you just got to take the wheel out but I know you know how to do that. Front sprocket is a different ball game though. Remove sprocket cover, 3 X 10mm bolts. You will see the sprocket underneath. Held on by a large nut, cant remember diameter but its large. To do the front sprocket on your own requires a bit of skill. You need to stop the rear wheel rotating, now I do this by using a piece of wood that I put through the wheel and use it between the spoke of the wheel and swingarm. On top of the swingarm for undoing and underneath for doing up. Suggest you get the chain round the front sprocket before putting the sprocket back in the bike, saves aggravation and time.

Okey dokey. Good tip re chain on first.

Neil, I’ll have a look for a torque wrench but I’m hemorraging money at the mo, so it may be delayed for now.

If ya get the splitter then ya can come round here n do it, have got all the tools n paddock stands etc etc.

PM me, the offer of free help is there. It’s up to you?

Nice one!

Love this forum!