New CCTV Scamera operation in Lambeth

Got back from working away for a week and discovered a nice £60 fine from Lambeth for, “Failing to drive in the direction shown by an arrow on a blue sign”.

Basically there is a traffic island on King’s avenue in Lambeth which is being targeted by the CCTV operator, see map.

When the traffic is very busy they zoom in one every motorbike approaching the junction. The traffic island makes the road very narrow and so a lot of people used to nip round the island when they couldn’t get through. It’s easy money for them.

YES, I know I shouldn’t have done it, but three other bikers I spoke to have been caught in the last couple of weeks so I just wanted to warn others.

Damn, I ride around those sometimes and didn’t think it was that bad. I’ll stop doing this from now on.

thanks for the heads up

know it shouldnt be done, but do it occasionally. Actually find it more dangerous filtering on the correct side of these islands as pedestrians are aiming for them and are hard to see between stationary traffic

Thanks Kickstart.

There’s also a cctv car unit near prague place catching motorists going the wrong way through a no-entry shortcut.

So, they are finally clamping down on “off siders”. I have seen lots of near accidents happen when bikers do that, especially at pedestrian crossings, so I’m surprised it’s taken them so long.

Sorry to hear you got fined, and many thanks for the warning.

Police in the area used to clamp down a lot on offsiding. Now days they mainly wait for red light jumping cyclists. Offending is considered very dangerous, and can get you 9 points.

I can, hands up, say I know I shouldn’t do it, but in my defence I was going at walking pace and I never do it in busy or fast moving traffic where I can’t see pedestrians. It always amazes me when you get people going around the wrong side when there’s plenty of room to get through.

It’s interesting that a lot of other people have been caught in the same area there was a line of bikes sitting waiting patiently this morning! I also make sure I give the CCTV a finger whilst I’m waiting…