New car build quality

it shocks me in this day and age how new cars especially mercs and bmw’s that there indicators do not work. if i paid 30 grand for a car and this was the case i would be pissed off.

Taxi’s aint cheap, they have the same problem :wink:

What does really shocks me is the number of cars driving round London at night that only have one side light working and maybe one tail light and that’s it. The poxy fog lights at the front always seem to work day or night.:angry:

I thought indicators were an extra on a Beemer.:stuck_out_tongue:

Buses suffer from an intermittent fault on their right indicator whereby the indicator only comes on after the bus has lurched out into the traffic.

you could always try helping out the unfortunate merc/bm driver by giving the indicator in question a swift kick in an attempt to rectify the fault :slight_smile:

In S.E. London the only indicator that seems to work (sometimes) is the right hand one.

But you need to be in the right hand lane, pull forward and stop in the middle of the junction before that happens.

Saw a B.M. pulled for that once by a M/C copper. Took hours to get the smile off my face.