New Camera in Castelnau, Barnes

Brand new Camera -one of the tall ones in Castelnau, Barnes, Hammersmith bound(Northbound i think).

It’s on the right hand bend about 100 meters before the Tesco petrol station.

It’s so high up it’s hidden by the trees.

I can’t think of any accidents there-so it’s a money earner i suppose.

Hope this helps folks from any grief.

Noticed that the other day…hard to see. Watch out it is a 30.

Was going down Castlenau at a fair rate of knots this morning and luckily caught sight of it just in time. Oh the little buggers! I have NEVER seen any accidents along that stretch of road :angry:

Only a matter of time before they had one there, sneaky buggers.

Thanks scotch, and welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Like the others, I have to say I’ve never seen any accidents down there and I lived there for over ten years! This is crazy.

Cheers for the warning scotch! Just returning to work tomorrow after some annual leave and I usually pass that way. Got me wondering whether I’d have noticed it or not if you hadn’t posted it up on here :pinch:

Thanks again!