New boots! Michelin Road 6 on BMW R1250 GS

When I got the bike, it came with some 80/20 Bridgestone tyres. They were okay off-road but came zero feedback and so no real confidence on the road. I hated them. Having enough I rolled round to FWR and Bob sold me on some of the new Road 6’s.

After some questions about the state of my wheels (yes, the bike does go off-road, that’s not entirely chain damage), they were on in a flash.

Wow! It never gets old eh, when you put a good new pair of hoops on your steed and the handling is transformed for the better. The bike feels fantastic now.

Before I had zero confidence in the front on turn-in, now I have positive feedback. Looking forward to bedding them in and attacking some lanes :slight_smile:

The only thing that’s not good about this experience in the price. Tyre costa seem to have almost doubled lately! Phenomenally expensive. Ooffff. Thanks Putin!

There’s a £30 cash-back deal being offered by Michelin to help ease the impact.

Check out those treads! Never seen them so big on a 100% road tyre! You wouldn’t know there there though when riding.

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i had them on my XR
i changed back road 5 the R6 doesnt suit me

They go on the bike, not you? :stuck_out_tongue:

What didn’t you get on with?

They didnt give the feedback i like, fickle to tyre pressures, no where near the level of grip the R5 does i coundt get them over like the R5, this was proven by the app Telemetry comparing the R5, R6 and the tyres it ame with 01SE

a few times they let go in the wet

not for me im affraid

I never got on with the R4’s, its the only tyre I’ve changed prior to them squaring off or too many puncture repairs.

The Michelin roads do seem very marmitey.

People raved about the R2’s but I couldn’t get on with them at all & I swapped them out for R3’s which I thought were brilliant. After the R3’s being so good, I found the R4 to be quite a let down. Currently on R5s which are great.

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I didnt start till the PR3 didnt like the PR4 and when to the Roadtec 01 wheich was good

the R5 is a great Tyre the R6 isnt

Well, in the few miles I’ve ridden it whilst bedding them in, I can tell you it’s a bazillion times better than the awful things I had on before, and that’s all that matters to me :slight_smile:

I have the R6 too. I definitely think its comes down to ergos with tyres GT angles 2 was my go too. I’m still getting used to the R6 its a different profile

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I’ve just had PR5’s put on my new toy. I was advised by Mark at (my preferred tyre fitter since Essential Rubber closed) that the PR6’s are harder and are more touring biased, whereas the PR5’s are a little softer and better for grip. Grip is far more important to me than longevity.

Previously on my Daytona 675 I ran PR3’s. I didn’t like them as I could feel them flexing when hard on the throttle exiting roundabouts.

The oem Bridgestone S22’s on my Ninja 1000SX only lasted a pitiful 4259 miles and were only just legal when I had the PR5’s fitted. I understand, from Ryan F9 (the excellent Youtuber), that oem tyres are quite different from the same model tyres that we would buy from tyre fitters. Bearing in mind that my current toy is only 142hp, and my previous toy was 207hp, I got 5460 miles out of non-oem S22’s, which validates Ryan F9 video.

I also got the £30 cashback offer from Michelin.

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I was close to get them for my moped as PR5 was gone in 4-5k, ended up with PilotPower5. So far I’m pleasantly surprised how nice bike response is, and how sticky they are. My only worry now is… are they going to last for next 2-3 months. If not I will try PR6 (I don’t see to many reasons for PR type tyres as I become fair weather rider).