New blog about the daily commute Dead Man Riding

I recently decided to start a blog. As a daily commuter it’s my reflection about things that help keep me alive on the Kent to London Whacky Races every day. Hope you enjoy the first post.

Excellent reminds me of riding in Croydon in my younger day looking forward to the next chapter, go steady.

Not sure I condone smashing a driver’s mirror as this puts you on the wrong side of the law but do agree that they are all out to kill us

So Richard Lack, expect the police and/or his insurance/laywers to be in touch for causing criminal damage to his vehicle as if he didn’t manage to get your registration (unlikely not to have) you have just posted a blog about it which incriminates you and published your name! WELL FUCKING DONE NUMPTY (No offence) Haha

its quite good but not as good as others and your getting off lightly with only two pulling out on you daily :wink: )

You’re not one for seeing the positives in life, are you? :rolleyes:

Deano and Sean,

I think I’m OK with a visit from the police and very happy to explain to them that he was clearly driving without due care and attention / wrecklessly. Unfortunately it wasn’t possible to avoid clipping his mirror. Thank heavens I wasn’t injured officer…<<wink>>