New Bimota Test 3D RaceCafe

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy… I love weird me. This is incredible! A great variant on the Tesi.

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loving the frame on that.

looks identical to Vyrus motorcycles
I don’t know how to add pictures
and every time I try to look at this on my ipad it crashes the page

It shares hub-centre steering with the vyrus, yes, but they’re really not identical.

frame is engine is

Yep that’s one

Hot as f****

All that thought into design, and they can’t come up with better looking mirrors?

Yeah, presumably the engine’s the same or near-as-dammit - they’re different ends of the same project. But there’s some really obvious visual differences between the frames just from looking at them.

Er, looking at them pics, isn’t the Bim using an air cooled engine & the Vyrus a water-cooled one?