New bikes - front indicators staying on

Just picked up a honda cbr 600rr new model. The front indicators stay on all the time when riding they only flash when i indicate…

I took it back to the dealer and they said that its a new feature on the bikes coming through and its somthing to do with the EU.

I hate it. Its dangerous…I thought in the UK you could only display white light at the front?

It all sounds a bit wrong to me…Any one heard of this before?

I’ve never heard of that before

news to me

Not heard of that either seems a bit weird to me

I used to have it on my V-Max, it was a US import and they call them running lights, never had an issue as it meant higher visibility and they only flash when you want them to.

Not sure of the legal side, but as we are the EU’s bitches they tell us what we do and we take it unlubed

I’m pretty sure that’s an American thing, They have to have side markers. I agree, I think its dangerous too, if anyone takes a quick glimpse and sees an amber light they could pull out on you! I would demand they replace the relay for one that is constantly off rather than constantly on!

I would contact honda and ask them to check if the bike you’ve bought is a US import and you’ve not been told.

if it is, I’m pretty sure your insurance is invalid if you’ve told them it’s a UK model.

I’ve got these on my little Msx.

Mine had two filaments in the bulb, broke the always on filament but the flasher still worked.

its my first bike so didn’t think much of it until i had to change the bulb, The shopkeep got all confused with the tailight bulb going in the indicators.
hadn’t thought of it being dangerous though, more lights means more likely to be seen I thought?

from what i’ve read its mainly a safety thing, When someones hindbrain estimates how fast things are going it uses changes in width as best indicator.
people then misread how fast bikers are going due to the fact that they’re quite thin, this widens the bike (mine at least) and give stronger apparent edges.

I could be completely on the wrong track but it kinda makes sense to me.


I can understand a change in width would be a good indication of speed of an approaching vehicle. But I’d be worried about those who quickly glance at the orange indicator, think you’re turning off then pull out on you. Would be a nightmare on a busy round about…

I think I’ve seen this on some cars TBH. Was filtering down A13, scanning all cars for those wanting to hop lanes, when I saw a car with an orange indicator permanently on. I did initially think they were going to change lanes and braked. but then I just thought it was a faulty light cluster…

If I had this on my bike, I’d be changing the bulbs for some of a different colour. White on front, red on back. No confusion then.

According to The Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations 1989

An always on direction indicator is not a direction indicator whilst its always on and not flashing, nor is it a side marker lamp since its not on the side of the vehicle. Seems to me you’re not complying with The Lighting Regulations, where’s Rusty when we need him :ermm:

My car has an orange running light as part of the headlight unit but it’s not the same bit as the indicator so it can’t be illegal to have a different colour light at the front, they are on the outside of the headlight unit but facing forward.

Would defo do some research on this bike though, I’ve never seen a bike with this set up!

why is it dangerous? more lights = you more visible, only when flashing does it mean you are indicating.

every yank car has been like that for decades. some bikes too.

You’re getting confused, those are the italians :smiley:

So I had a look on Honda’s website and the gallery pics of the RR show the indicators on,a Los googled it and found this, seems it is a new feature but you can disable it by disconnecting one of the wires.

Which Dealer and does it have reflectors on the front fork?

Reflectors on the forks might not help. They’re fitted as standard to my KTM and most new ones as well.

Yes very common in the states.