New Bikes First Bank Holiday TOWiE Tour 01.8.15

Will it be fully orange by then?

Oh yes! :slight_smile:

Sun glasses and dark visors recommend, that’s just for the tans as well as SAMs bike :smiley:

Bike is being repaired. I’ve been looking forward to a TOWiE tour and now it’s finally come round, I can’t go!! :disappointed_relieved:

You may get it sorted in time. Dont worry

Not likely :pensive:

What’s wrong with the bike?

Its a Triumph

Blasphemy Sam!
I’ll have you know I fucked it all by myself Sam, poor thing just lay there and took my abuse! :pensive:
I’m honestly surprised it lasted as long as it did with me riding it!

Yes, but if it were a Japanese bike it would’ve took that abuse and just maniacally laughed in your face and sreamed “is that all you got bitch???”

I’m game for this. Hopefully get the time off.

Sam by the sounds of things that Daytona will be sitting in a court room pointing at a doll

I bet she doesn’t.

Sam - Epic fail bruv!!!

Can ex-pat LBers come and play?
Ruth, wanna go pillion? German bikes don’t maniacally laugh at you, they just get on with it, and don’t need to be tango’d to do it :wink:

Of course your Welcome Bri :slight_smile:

Sam if the bike was Japanese it would be paying me every time I sit astride it!
As for the doll in a courtroom, please, bikes don’t have fingers to point Nick :smiley:
If the bikes not ready in time, I’d take up your offer a Bryan if you’re ok with it :slight_smile:

There’s always Gladis the Gladius :@)

Haha! Seriously, if I rode that…thing…there would be a lot more (intentional) bike dominoes…


Woo hoo actually got that Sunday off! It’s been a long time since I’ve been out with you lot. Can’t wait. Will be head to HB from the ace. happy to take a few across with me will stop for fuel before I hit HB.