New Bikes First Bank Holiday TOWiE Tour 01.8.15

I pick up the new Bike next week so planning A summer TOWiE Tour to introduce her to the wonderful sites of Essex :slight_smile:



I thought it would be nice to do it on the Bank Holiday weekend as the weather is always nice and no one has work on the Monday so we can have a full day riding. But as im a Twat and can’t read a Calendar i got it wrong so it is a normal sunday (whoops)

It will be the Usual TOWiE Tour, Starting at High Beach Tea Hut, taking in Finchingfield, West Mersea for a Seafood Lunch then onto the Burnham Bends for a Play :slight_smile:

The Usual RideOut rules Apply.

No Nobbers
No Hero’s (Accept the GoPro Type, But please do not post any videos with Number Plates in show)
No Double White Line Over Takers
30 means 30 (Respect the Villages)
Cornerman System will be used
Pace will be brisk but not stupid, Ride your own ride as it’s not a Race
125’s Welcome but would advise that you have been on a rideout with us in the past so you are familiar with the way we run a Rideout
Arrive with Empty Bladders and Full Tanks

As always i’m happy to organise the ride but would like a Leader & Tail Gunner to step up to the plate :slight_smile: otherwise i’m happy to lead.

ART, If you lead us can i ask that we do not take in any Fords please?? Not Sure Alba will be able to hold her temper a 2nd time!!

Feel free to invite anyone that is not an LBer, The route is not set in Stone so i welcome anyones suggestions for route plans but would like to stick to Finchingfield, West Mersea & Burnham as the 3 stop off Points, I don’t plan on stopping at Bosworths as finchingfield will just be a rest stop rather than a food break, the main Lunch Break will be at West Mersea Oyster Hut (where we stopped last year) and then again at the Ice Cream Parlour in Burnham for some lovely fresh Nice Cream!!

If you are new to the cornerman system, make yourself familiar with this Video.

Is that a bank holiday? doesn’t think so:

If it’s not a bank holiday I’ll probably be up for this, and tail gunning.

Big Red you bat me to it
I ran out of fingers working out the months

I thought the first weekend in August was a Bank Holiday lol. Oh well, i’ll secretly edit my Post now :slight_smile:

If I can, I will.

Lol, its the last weekend, not the 1st weekend that is the B/H

Can’t make the 1st I’ll be back working my full hours all weekend.

Sounds fun I’ve watched the vid but isn’t that a Saturday?

Oh dear!!!

2 huge mistakes in 1 post!! Has to be a record!!

Ok, its not a Saturday, its a Sunday ride out and its the 2nd not the first! Lol

I’ll probably join, if I don’t forget. Have to christen my exhaust too :smiley:

Edit can gun too if needed. First time for everything.

I should have my new bike by then too.


40 means 40? Is that typo #3 to make a full hatrick? ;-))

If the weather’s decent and there are pennies in the petrol fund, I’ll see you on the east side. I’m looking forward to seeing that purdy new bike of yours.

If I’m not having my pubes permed that day I’ll come out and play
I’ll don’t mind playing tail gunner but if someone else wants to I won’t arm wrestle for the glory

Ok, can we get admin to rectify my stoopidness!!
Change the title of the thread to TOWiE Tour 2/7/15

@Janey, not sure what you mean :Whistling (thank God for the edit button)

@Sam 2/7/15 isn’t a Sunday, epic fail, think you should start again :smiley:

Oh piss off!!! Lol

OK im going back to bed!!!

02/08/15 :slight_smile:

Obviously too excited about getting the new bike lol

You know me too well :slight_smile: