New Biker here

Hello all. Lived in London for last 10 years or so and have now got sick of public transport. So I’ve done the moped, CBT + 125 for a while and DAS route. Now ride a FJ1200.

Seems this site has more info for London bikers than Visordown!

Card behind the bar, help yourselves to a drink.


Welcome and enjoy!!!

Hi and welcome to LB. Pull up a chair and enjoy the fun.

Hello m8,
I stumbled across this site this morning and am pleased to see that it exists and gives me an opportunity to say hi to all the guys and girls who scoot past me on the way in to work each day and around the capital!! I travel into North london every day on my 93 fireblade and have been riding for about 15 years. looking forward to meeting up with other londonbikers and sharing a beer and a few stories :o)

cheers all

Makman & Nunny, a double welcome!!

Good site … good people … enjoy!!

Jim Bean straight to start for me.

Hello and welcome…

Hi there and welcome!

Hey Makman & Nunny… Hello and Welcome to LB…

Hello and Welcome Makman & Nunny mines a Rum and coke

Hi Mak/Nunny…welcome and thanks for the drink.

Hello makman and nunny, welcome to LB! Hope to see you at the Cubana meet tomorrow night!

double welcome …this is great…more new members!!!

mines a jack ‘n’ cole plz…hope to see you on wed


“Seems this site has more info for London bikers than Visordown”

Sorry, visor who?? Visordown?? Never heard of 'em

Ello makman and nunny, welcome to LB

Welcome and enjoy mate

Welcome to both. I’m sooooooo ready for a coffee, make it a doppio macchiato.

Welcome to LB sit down and enjoy



Welcome both, where bouts in london are you’s?

Pint of smiths for me please, but if on bike coke will do.

I like you already!!!

Welcome to LB - I’ll be having a mojito please…