New Bike

First day on the new bike today.

Managed to pick up a mint 06 SuperDuke and wow… what a completely insane machine :smiley:

First proper time spent on a twin, and I love it! Was a bit dubious after the R1 (may she rest in pieces) but the way you can chuck this thing into a corner and just have it pull you out regardless of what the engine is doing is amazing. The pick up from low revs is monstrous. And the noise! Can’t believe it sounds like that with the standard cans…

Totally stoked. Been grinning like a loon all day and have the next few days off to play. Going to be fun. :slight_smile:

Enjoy. Jammy git

Now get some Akras and really enjoy the sound :smiley:

Congrats and good luck.
And come and say hello on :slight_smile: