New Bike!

I’ve bitten the bullet. After much looking around I’ve bought a new bike. It’s no faster than my old '04 Bandit 600, but it’s brand new, under warranty for 2 years, and won’t cost the earth to run. It’s an SV650 Sport in black, and I pick it up tomorrow. I do hope the rain stops before tomorrow morning…:slight_smile:

Welcome to the V2 club Brother Johnse:D

Thanks Chunks… I just need to convince the wife I need a tail tidy to get rid of the monstrosity Suzuki put on it, and a new can to make the most of the V-twin experience:)

Nice bike, hope your happy with it.

good work. what did you do with the bandit?

Welcome to the V-engine family. :slight_smile:
Nice bike choice.

“good work. what did you do with the bandit?”

I traded it in. I thought about trying to sell it on here, or through work, but to be honest, it’s such a shed with so many things wrong with it I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night. It’s now the dealers problem:)

that red seat on the new sport sv’s looks hot! have fun with it

fair play mate. i’m gonna be in the market soon for something a bit shabby so it doesn’t get robbed on the street and put my r1 somewhere safe

something like Frogga’s gixxer :stuck_out_tongue:

jeez another member of the LB oddball club !! :slight_smile:

good luck wiv ya new toy :slight_smile:

Welcome to the V-twin club:)

Enjoy the new bike.


nice choice :slight_smile:

Excellent choice!

welcome to the club!:smiley:

wheres the pictures!!:smiley:

excellent. we might finally get the kent ride out off the ground now eh…??


hey im up for a kent blast, as long as we can go through teh dip on seven mile lane!:w00t::smiley:

Mmmm twins you know it makes sence.

Well done chap i hope you love it.

Well if you’re about tomorrow afternoon… I have an appointment in London between 6am and 2pm, but assuming nothing happens towards the end of my appointment I’ll be needing to put some miles on the thing…It’ll be a little slow as I’m breaking her in gently. I’m not riding to work next week, I’m on the train all week, I have a course in central London and there’s no where to put the bike, and I’m not risking the public parking bays.I need to wash it before I do pictures… Rode out of the dealers , and thought I would take the scenic route :), only to find that someone was building some houses down the road, and they had thoughfully deposited lots and lots of Kentish mud all over the road.

that hurt!!!poxy r1 rider grrrrrr

enjoy your new bike i had the curvy sv650 and i do miss the low down grunt

After much swearing I think I’ve managed to get camera/computer/human to work as one, and hopefully there are some pictures attached