New bike......

Hi chaps…

Not been on here for a while now…not since my off about three months ago…

Anyway…now got the money together to buy myself a brand new Gixxer 6 in black…ohhhhh…and lovin it…

My question is… 500 mile first service… is this supposed to be free from Suzuki?. or do you pay for just the parts…or the whole thing?..

This will be the third new Suzuki bike that i have bought from new and the last two i did not pay a thing for the first service…!!!

Any comments?



hmm nice bike!, i think you may have to pay for the parts and that the labour is free.:slight_smile:


I did my first service yesterday (600 miles). I had to pay for it.


The parts you pay for - the labour suzuki pay for!!

Hope you got/getting a good deal - £6200 otr is average at the Mo - if your paying more then that - come see us!(george whites)

Hi sean

is that official that Suzuki pay the labour…?

I’ve already got the bike, paid £6000 and got the £99 fully comp insurance with it…

if the guys i got the bike from want the full amount for the first service, (quoted £120) can i take the bike elsewhere to get this done (main Suzuki dealer) and just pay for parts…?

if i cant i may just get them to do first service and never go back to them again… it’s a shame really as the bloke that sold me the bike seemed like a really nice fella…and it’s not as if i’d just walked in off the street…i went to this dealer on a recommend…!


the new bikes i have had have all been free first service you just pay for consumables.

if you take it else where you will have to pay for everything but yea on my first service you jus pay for the parts, was only £40 they basically take all the running in fluids out

I had this query with Suzuki, we bought 2 new K7s from Crescent but they couldn’t fit us in for a stupid length of time for a first service and was told we could take it elsewhere but may have to pay, whether it was a Suzuki dealer or not (down to their discretion) or we could get it done at Crescents other branch a few weeks later. We did that, only labour is foc for the first service-not if you want other things done to it whilst it’s there, and you pay for all consumables.

Looking at the receipt in front of me the service should be 2 hours labour FOC, you pay for 1 Oil Filter, 1 Engine Oil 3.5 litres and 1 sundries whatever they are. Total per bike £45.00 parts only.

Hope that answers you question lol

thanks for all your replys guys n girls…

i have booked my bike in for it’s first service this thursday…and i think a phone call to the dealer is in order before hand to let them know that i will only be paying for the parts only…!!

may try and get down to the wends meet if i get the time…not been there in a long while…!


Hi Nick - good to see you got yourself another Gixxer! :smiley:

Mark (bought your K&N & hugger)

Hi Mark

yeah back on two wheels again… got so fed up of the car…!!! hope the K&N and Hugger are doing their jobs…maybe see you at a meet sometime…