New Bike

What’s the difference between the smc and smc-r??

08-11 was smc. 650cc and no tubeless wheels is main difference. I think tubeless from 2010 actually. Ktm does some changes every two years.

smcr 12-13 - 690cc new clocks improved electrics, billet tipple clamps,

smcr 14-16 690cc, twin spark, new suspension, ride by wire throttle and some other improvements.

So out of the 3 what’s the best buy??

for you, the one with the longest warranty


And the most orange!!

Proper bike porn there… If I ever have a garage to keep bike indoors I’m getting a super moto

The latest you can afford.

I have a suspicion you already have a favourite and you just want to see what others think. Go with the one that you like the most. Follow your heart! :D

I prefer CCM’s lol

Best to buy brand new, with good discount… They around £7.5 with Akrapovic. That is for 2016. You have to pay £6k for second hand 2014-15. £6-£5k 2012-13. Probably still £5k for 2010-11. 2008 still £4k for 8 years old bike. 

Yes, this was exactly my thought process. I think I am going to get a 2016 690 SMC-R. The only problem with that is I am going to have to wait a few months to save the rest of the money.
I sold the 520 today for £2500 so if I wait till the 66 Reg comes out in September I will have saved enough to only have to finance about £2000 so looks like I’m going to be without a bike for the summer season :frowning:

not what you were looking for, but might interest you

Too old. Want something a bit newer