new bike vf750 and trailer?

so a few weeks ago i sold my beloved 125 to fund a new bike and picked a 82 vf750 up in a bit of a sorry state but i plan to do a bit to it then use it and pull my ntv off the road for a overhaul.

sofar it seems to only of goten worse then when i picked it up exhaust snaped off and blew out the fork seal trying to wheelie it =0

did change the bars to some ktm fatbars i had laying around as the horns wear horid to ride with.

my plan is to single seat it matt black and yellow paintwork no indicators new lights all around gotten a black 3 line plate for it and thats going to be side mounted. im toying with the idea to build a tow hitch for it and make a little 5x3 ft trailer and use the vf to tow it i know its got plenty of poke to tow it and under the laws with the weight im aloud to tow 150kg so i can make a nice trailer and load it with gear and not have to worry.

has anyone any experience with a bike towing a trailer?

hears a few pehotos off the sorry pile of metal

be aware that the whole weight inc trailer doesn’t exceed 150kgs

Should make a great bobber project. For a cruiser the Magna has a lot more zip than much bigger capacity V-Twins. I’d like to see how it turns out.

@TimR yeah im hopeing i can make the trailer no more then 80kg so i have 60kg to play with for loading a tent chairs cloths ect. the plan is to buy a cheap box trailer rip all the wood off so its just a base and fit one of those light plastic roof boxes to it so its nice low and doesnt have much wind drag.

@Malc thats the hope =] its sopost to be around 80bhp tops out at around 125 mind doesn’t feel very stable over 90 lol

been playing around on paint like a 5 year old and came up with this.

my pal at my local hd let me borrow a demo seat to size up and ill hopefully be picking a single sportster seat up soon as i love the look of them



Looking good. What is it with you and shaft drive, you’ll be on a BMW GS next! :slight_smile:

dont know tbh just what i seem to end up with lol

well i got bored today so poped to halfords and bought 2 car exhaust tips to and well this happend. also made up these little light strips from some brackets i had laying around =]