New bike! So help me choose a new name

Now that i have sold my 600 gsxr ive moved up to a 954 blade so now need to change my LB name:unsure:

think i should go for something not brand related…

here are a few pics of my new ride

nice ride, how about ‘yellow peril’?

F*ck, I thought someone had been killed. . .

+1 - maybe change the thread title that doesn’t strike the fear of god into people :wink:

+2! Wondered why it was in Bike Talk though… :w00t:

+3 i was wtf!!! :w00t:

That’s a sick and tasteless thread title. :sick:

change the title mate…thought it was bad news ffs

+4 - I might aswell :slight_smile:

Thats not a good title

This is what people use when riders have been KIA…

sorry boys and girls should of put a bit more thought into the title:blush:


I’ve changed the title.

Nice bike - bound to be good it’s a Honda :slight_smile:

thanks panda was trying to work out how to do that

Panda delivers!:cool:

We also thought you’d bought it mate :sick:

Anyway, the new name should be:

Zorro Ian, the Gay Blade

I can change that now it you like!


bloody hell ive gone from being dead to gay in 24hrs wtf!!:hehe:

Well you a choice, Dead or Gay. Personally I would prefer spiders. :w00t:

Yellow Devil?

back on topic…

how about:

bumbleblade (yellow?)
fireBladE (Efor Ian)

But Kev - “Ian the Gay Spider” does not have the same ring to it - at least we tried to get “Blade” into the name;)