New Bike Show - Tonight Sky 203

“Monday at 10th October, at 7.30pm, on Sky channel 203, the world will finally get the motorbike TV show it deserves!!”

Thanks for the heads up. I’ve put it on series link :slight_smile:

Already set in the Planner.

I hope it all goes well for Alan and the team. We could do with a decent bike show.

Does someone know whether it will be available for streaming during/after the broadcasting time?

Looks like the first 4 episodes are already on Youtube :

Does anyone know if it is on VIRGIN (Cable)??

Any plans for Freeview? (probably not :laugh: )

Will try and watch it on Youtube when I get home.

I’m watching episode one on YT now. FFS race bikes on racetracks, it’s same old boring crap. If I want to see something go full outracing on a track I want them to be on cruisers!!! Lets see how they do onbikes not designed to race race.

nice one

Just watched the first 4 episodes- thanks for posting.
Boy can that bloke talk! If you needed a verbal typist he’d do 1000 words per minute.
A bit of a hit and miss programme I reckon- interesting bike reviews but very similar to MCN vids somehow…and they had a clip of The Damned playing at the Bulldog Bash…but they chose to show ‘Eloise’:ermm: :blink: