New bike shop opening?

Speaking to chap at Colin Collins today, Harrow. It transpires that it was their last day, place looked a bit of a sad sight. Boxes of gear being removed, including a supplier who was owed money from them, and simply turned up and was taking his gear back (clothing) which hadn’t been paid for!!

Apparently a new shop is opening next Monday, will be selling Suzuki and Kawasaki. Don’t know what else, Don’t know what it will be called either, apart from him eluding to the fact that some one previoulsy involved with CC are taking it on.

Interesting to see what comes of this. I do hope that a main dealer will take it on, as they are becoming more scarce in London.

its the LandLord of the premises that is opening the shop??

is it just the Harrow one reopening then, any luck with the others?

I heard that Jason is going to be opening a KTM shop somewhere in Hemel Hempstead and that Leighton is going with him.

How you settling in at J&S Watford, good to see it reopened.

Just the Harrow one opening (by that guy) their KTM shop is open already, leighton is either going to metropolis or KTM shop (they have a stake in metropolis aswell as ktm) J&S is ok - but i’m not doing bike sales which is where i really want to be, so hopefully something will come along soon! But J&S is being run by a good bloke, and it looks better then before!