My new ride . . . she’s sooooo purdyyyy

I got Wednesday off if anyone fancies a ride??


VERY nice!! Really pleased you for hun!

Yay !! Spring is here and the new wheels are turning.
Hope it’s got a noisy can on, those SVs sound great

Micron can dude

Sounds the mutz

Jonny pity your not off today, as I’m off and thinking of going out on the bike


I’m off on Wednesday! May take the ZX out for a bimble. Whereabouts are you thinking of going?

No idea really … just wanna take a lil amble about … mebee stop at High Beech for a bitta Battenburg

Congrats! I knew the SV would win.

Was it the Epsom one?

nice bike mate.

Another SV rider, we are slowly taking over

Kinda … but I meant Egham not Epsom

I bought it from a really nice woman called Vicky. She’s obviously looked after it and Im really really pleased with it. It rides great, sounds awesome and looks totally sexy . . reminds me of my missus

Im please to say that Gridgirl and I, ever keen to spread the gospel, told Vicky about LB and she’s gonna be joining our happy band once she has a new ride sorted

Well done for spreading the LB loving

Can’t wait to go for a ride with GG and you! Bring on the bike racing!

Nice one JZ Looking forward to seeing you out and about on your new ride.

Donnington here we come

Are you gonna come to Brands on the Bank Holiday Monday?

Congrats JZ, look forward to hearing/seeing her

Congrats on the choice - enjoy!

Suits you sir

Looks great - see you at High Beach soon - fancy a bitta battenburg myself

They do the best bacon rolls too

It seems Suzuki are slowly taking over this forum. Seems like every other week someone has picked up a Gixxer or an SV. Must be popular for a reason. Enjoy!

yeah obviously i have great taste as i’ve had both!

good to see you’ve found yourself a new bike JZ, black was always the best colour (well after Rizla that is!). Now you’re gonna have to come down to Frith St on Fridays to see the SVers as well

Me n GG may well do that hunni